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RKW Danafilms Changes Name To RKW North America

Company says the new name reflects its commitment to the North American market.


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RKW Danafilms, Franklin, Ky., is now RKW North America. The company says the name RKW North America reflects its solid position in the North American blown film market and the company’s commitment to supply a range of premium technical and hygiene films to all clients across North America.

“Our name — RKW North America — captures the pledge we've made to growing with our customers here in North America,” said Erik Powell, vice president & general manager of RKW North America. “We've become known as a flexible and agile producer of customized mono- and co-extruded films, and we look forward to reinforcing this reputation with world-class technologies to deliver greater long-term opportunities for our customers. We’re in this for the long haul.”

RKW North America is part of the RKW Group, which has a global network of R&D expertise in 22 manufacturing sites around the world. RKW Group has a clear plan to leverage emerging technologies by reinvesting even more than before in state-of-the art equipment for its consolidated technical and hygiene film manufacturing plant in Franklin, Ky. "Our current facility can accommodate several additional extrusion lines and we own enough contiguous rail-served property to significantly increase the plant size as our customers' demand for high-performance films continues to grow,” Powell said. This strategy, say RKW North America officials, will open the door to even greater long-term opportunities for new and existing clients alike.

First established in 2000, the Franklin manufacturing plant has steadily grown both its physical footprint and its capabilities thanks to sustained reinvestments in technology and a dedication to growing together with clients.

“We’ve got great expertise and capacity here in Franklin,” Powell said. “We plan to market this capacity at competitive rates and bring on line those technologies that our customers are demanding. In the months and years ahead, RKW North America will tap the global expertise of RKW Group and continue our service commitment to being the de facto solutions provider as we take part in the growth that our customers enjoy.”