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Roctool Creates Design Team to Assist Customers’ Product Development

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Roctool offers help in developing products using rapid heat/cool injection molding with induction heating.

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To meet increasing demands from brands and equipment manufacturers for help in developing new products, Roctool, the French specialist in induction heating and heat/cool injection molding, has created a new team of designers. Said Mathieu Boulanger, Roctool CEO, “We had an increase of OEMs and brands directly requesting information about our molding technologies and how we could support them for thin-wall applications, top surface quality, molding new innovative materials, and also cost-reduction possibilities such as removing secondary operations. The new design team can listen to the OEM, understand the product challenges, and explore what Roctool technologies can do.”

Roctool’s rapid induction-heating technology is used in plastic injection molding, compression molding of composites, and RTM. The new design team is located in Paris, France; San Jose, Calif.; and Chicago. Roctool’s U.S. headquarters is in Charlotte, N.C.