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SABIC Moves Engineering Plastics to New Texas Headquarters

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The Pittsfield era is over for engineering plastics.

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The new year dawned with barely a remnant of the former GE Plastics still operating at its storied home in Pittsfield, Mass. SABIC dissolved the Innovative Plastics business unit and set up a new headquarters for all of its Americas-based business in the Greater Houston area.

Now operating as SABIC Americas Inc., the former Innovative Plastics unit has been split, with commodity products as part of the Chemicals and Polymers unit, and the remaining Innovative Plastics products as part of the newly created Specialties unit. Commodity products include Cycolac ABS, Lexan PC, Valox PBT and PET, and LNP-brand compounds. The Specialties unit contains Ultem PEI and Noryl PPE.

The company more recently announced that it would consolidate its materials technology centers in Pittsfield and Exton, Pa., into its Selkirk, N.Y., location by next year.


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