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TA Instruments' ElectroForce Group Moves to New Digs

TA Instruments sees growth potential for its new acquisition's product line.


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The ElectroForce Systems Group of TA Instruments, New Castle, Del., has moved to a new, 30% larger facility in Eden Prairie, Minn. It is now located in the Golden Triangle areas, a multi-use location that includes product development, customer service/support and manufacturing.


According to president of TA Instruments Terry Kelly, the company is excited about the growth potential of ElectroForce products, which it acquired from Bose Corp., Framingham, Mass., last May. The ElectroForce group manufactures dynamic mechanical testing systems, which are used to characterize engineered materials, biomaterials, and medical devices. These testing units are based on unique motor designs that are said to be quiet, energy-efficient, scalable, and deliver high performance over a wide range of force and frequency.