Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Take the Guesswork Out Of Profile-Cooling Needs


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Think your downstream spray-type extrusion cooling lines might be longer than you need? You can get the answer from new simulation software available from Novatec Inc., Baltimore, which also unveiled its new Bessemer Series of downstream extrusion equipment at this month’s NPE2012 show.  Novatec developed a simulation program to help processors take the guesswork out of cooling-length requirements across a range of 20 common profile shapes and six commonly used profile materials. Users plug in the profile shape and material, and the computer simulates the cooling time needed by calculating the convection heat-transfer coefficient from the profile into the coolant, while taking into account how profile mechanical properties are impacted by specific cooling times.

The Bessemer Series of downstream extrusion equipment includes cooling tanks, pullers and cutters. Novatec’s concept for this expansion into extrusion downstream equipment is to offer solutions that are more science-based and recipe-driven, and less reliant on operator involvement and preconceived ways of doing things. The approach is consistent with Novatec’s philosophy of recent advances in drying and conveying.