Techmer PM Showcases Bottle Made From 100% Ocean-Bound Plastics

Techmer PM helped Envision Plastics Industries create a 100% ocean-bound plastic bottle.

The recovery of ocean-bound plastics is a hot topic at NPE2018. A real-life example of this innovative technology is on display at the Techmer PM Booth S27015. This bottle is made from Envision’s OceanBound Plastic at 100% content and features a silver metallic, pearlescent-effect finish due to some compounding expertise by Techmer PM. A collaborative team that included materials design firm Techmer PM, Primal Group, bottle blow molder Classic Containers and plastics recycler Envision Plastics Industries has worked intensively since last August to find a way to make such a product possible using Envision’s OceanBound Plastic.

“We had a customer come to us through third-party and basically wanted to create a 100% ocean-bound plastic bottle,” says Steve Loney, director of market development for Techmer PM. “In the past, it hadn’t been 100% ocean bound and we were able to overcome some challenges to produce this beautiful silver metallic bottle.”

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Applications for this type of packaging includes personal care, health and beauty and household items.

“The younger generation are savvy customers and they want to know the products that they are buying are from an environmentally-responsible company,” says Loney. “We believe this will continue and there will more of it.”

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