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Testing & QC at NPE 2003


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Plastics molders, extruders, and compounders will have a lot to see in testing and measurement equipment. Included are the latest in color and gloss measurement instruments and vision inspection systems. There is also a wide range of new and upgraded instruments for testing mechanical, thermal, and rheological properties.


Measure color and gloss

New appearance-measuring instruments figure prominently at NPE. Among the more interesting developments is new web-enabled software from GretagMacbeth. Using the Internet, the new NetProfiler and NetPalette software streamlines color communications by providing “virtual calibration” so that different makes and models of instruments measure color to the same standards. The instruments even communicate color data to each other via automated e-mail.

In addition, new color- and gloss-measuring instruments will be introduced by Byk-Gardner, Datacolor, GretagMacbeth, Minolta, and a new entrant in color-measurement instruments, PocketSpec Technologies. Instruments will also be shown by Color Instruments, Equitech, Gardner, Hunterlab, and X-Rite. 


Vision inspection devices

Another well-populated category at NPE is new vision inspection systems with upgraded optics and software. Exhibitors include Advanced Industrial Solutions, Automated Vision Technology, Avalon Vision Solutions, CGI, Cognex, Dalsa, DVT, Graphics International Group, Micro-Vu, Motoman, Optical Gaging Products, Orus Integration, and Shape Grabber. Special-purpose vision systems include ones from AGR Topwave, ALPS, Elektro-Physik, Intravis, Pressco Technology, Proditec, and PTI for on-line inspection of bottles and caps; others from Clinton Instrument, Lasor/Systronics and Nanosystems LLC for inspecting film and sheet; a foam cell counter from Sentinel Products; and a surface-defect inspector from Atlas.

In a related category are metrology products that use laser scanning, shown by Brown & Sharpe, Faro Technology, and Z-Mike. Manually operated optical measuring systems will be displayed by Davinor and Vision Engineering.


What do you want to measure?

Here’s a quick guide to who’s showing other categories of testing devices:

  • Rheology: Bohlin Instruments, C.W. Brabender, Ceast, Dynisco, Goettfert, Porpoise Viscometers, Qualitest, TA Instruments, Thermo Electron, and Tinius Olsen.
  • Tensile/flexure/compression: Ceast, Com-Ten, Gabo Qualimeter, Instron, MTS Systems, and Zwick.
  • Impact: Atlas, Ceast, Dynisco (introducing its first pendulum units), Qualitest, and Tinius Olsen.
  • Thermal properties: Ceast, Dynisco, Gabo Qualimeter, Netzsch, Qualitest, TA Instruments, and Tinius Olsen.
  • Weathering: Atlas and Q-Panel.
  • Flammability: Atlas, Ceast, Qualitest,
  • Leaks & pinholes: ALPS, Automated Vision Technology, Clinton Instrument, Elektro-Physik, Intravis,
  • Friction & wear: Taber Industries and Thwing-Albert.
  • Electrical properties: Clinton Instrument.
  • Peel/seal strength: Dynisco and Thwing-Albert.
  • Hardness: Qualitest and Tinius Olsen.
  • Moisture: Arizona Instrument and Omnimark Instrument.

And if you are looking for a contract laboratory to do the work, stop by the booths of Ashland, Atlas, Bodycote Broutman, Chemir, DuPont Analytical, GTI, Impact Analytical, Industrial Testing Laboratories, OCM, Permatech, Plastics Technology Laboratories, Plastic Technologies, Porpoise Viscometers, Q-Panel, STR, and Touchstone Measurement.