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10/6/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ


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WEIMA America has introduced the new ?E-Rotor?


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WEIMA America has introduced the new ?E-Rotor? WLK shredder. The purpose of the new rotor is specifically for the recycling of film and fibrous materials. This includes the historically tough to shred woven and non-woven fibers. The design has also eliminated wrapping issues with thin gauge films & fibers which sometimes occurs with other rotor designs. One of the many benefits to the new E-Rotor design is that it generates a relatively high bulk density when processing film. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the repelletizing process. Also, remember that with the large hoppers associated with shredders, in comparison to granulators, you have the ability to load materials with ease by simply dumping in full gaylord boxes or bales. With additional features such as a rotor cooling package the E-Rotor also has the ability to handle low melt materials. The machine configuration can be adapted with wear plates for abrasive materials and carbide tipped knives for extended life. WEIMA also offers other rotor configurations for hard plastic applications. The WEIMA line includes hopper-fed single-shaft shredder, 4-shaft shredders and 2-stage recycling systems. For more information and to see the New E-Rotor on display visit us in the South Hall Booth #18084. Contact us today for more information: WEIMA America, Inc. P: 803-802-7170 F: 803-802-7098 Email: info@weimaamerica.com Web: www.weimaamerica.com
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