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Tool Mover Improves Safety with Secure Movement of Heavy Molds

Originally titled 'Tool Mover Improves Safety with Secure Movement of Heavy Molds'
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RUD Chain Inc. displays its Tool Mover at NPE2018. The handling and turning of heavy tools, dies and metal molding tools can be dangerous without the right equipment, causing risk to operators and damage to expensive tools if they are not turned effectively. RUD Chain Inc. says that its RUD Tool-Mover moves heavy and sensitive dies, molds and tools safely and securely and therefore limits costs that damaged tools incur and improves safety for the operator. The Tool Mover does not need to be bolted to the floor. It is available in a variety of models with load capacities of 10t, 16t, 32t and 64t, depending on the system. RUD Chain Inc. says that the mover is low-maintenance, low-noise and user-friendly.