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Topas COC Resins Part of Polyplastics USA

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Engineering thermoplastic resins supplier Polyplastics USA, Farmingdale, Mich., has acquired its affiliate Topas Advanced Polymers Inc. (TAP USA; U.S. office previously in Florence, Ky.), adding Topas’s cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) resins to its existing portfolio of acetal, PBT, and PPS engineering polymers. The company has held an ownership stake in TAP GmbH for over a decade, and the merger is a key milestone in Polyplastics’ efforts to build a strong market presence in the Americas. “We plan to leverage and further enhance TAP GmbH’s global leadership position in COC as Polyplastics moves forward to expand its market reach in the Americas,” said Lindsey Deal, president of of Polyplastics USA, and Timothy Kneale, president of TAP USA, in a joint statement.

The company has retained the majority of TAP USA’s personnel to ensure continuity for the growing number of COC customers in the packaging, healthcare, and other industries where polyolefin performance enhancement is needed. For the Topas COC business, this merger will deliver additional resources to support the strong growth of COC markets and applications; American Topas COC sales have more than doubled since parent Tokyo-based Polyplastics, acquired the company at the end of 2005.