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TPEI Adds Laser Alignment to Service Offerings

Proper alignment of equipment should increase its overall lifespan.


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TPEI (Technical Process and Engineering, Inc.), a leading manufacturer of continuous mixer and single screw extruders based in Leighton, Pa., has added laser alignment to its range of support services to ensure equipment runs at optimum performance.
“With customers producing ever more sophisticated parts, there is an increased need for their machines to be better maintained and aligned,” notes Harold Schafer, CEO at TPEI.  “Using high-quality laser alignment tools to quickly and accurately calibrate machinery allows us to serve our customers faster than relying on an outside resource.”
Machine misalignment is one of the main reasons for equipment failure and associated downtime, the company says.  “Not only can misaligned machines destroy components, they can also increase the amount of energy used to operate a machine,” notes Schafer.  “In today’s environment of reducing costs and optimizing assets, the need for accurate machine alignment is greater than ever.”
TPEI says its ability to align equipment to exacting standards enables it to perform complete machine installations of the equipment it sells.  “It allows us to help our customers ensure that their equipment is properly aligned, which should increase the overall lifespan of their machinery,” says Schafer.  “In the case of an extruder, they should see up to 25% more life out of a screw and barrel and up to 15% power savings.”
Laser alignment is not limited to new installations.  “It is good practice to check the alignment of the entire machine any time major components such as motors, gearboxes, connecting gear houses, or base assemblies have either been moved or replaced,” said Schafer.  “Our trained alignment specialists can perform a variety of services including coupling alignment, extruder barrel alignment, bearing housing alignment, horizontal and vertical alignment of foundations, etc.”   Upon completion of the alignment, a report is available detailing before and after results of the service.