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Trend Watch: What to Look for in Blow Molding

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At NPE2018, look for all-electric machines to feature among blow molding exhibitors.

This year, expect a trend toward all-electric machines in the world of blow molding.

All-electric shuttle machines are already popular in Europe and Asia, and are gradually gaining popularity in the U.S. Not only do these machines save energy, but they also boast faster cycles, greater output in a smaller footprint, quicker setup and return of bottles after a shutdown, and greater precision and repeatability. Injection blow-molders and servo-hydraulic models are also gaining popularity in the U.S. and have energy savings and productivity benefits.

There are also several all-electric and servo-hydraulic options available for PET stretch-blow machines, with an emphasis on versatility. These machines can produce increasingly complex shapes in bottles, from deep pinch grips or tiny necks to off-center necks and gates or flat shoulders.

Besides all-electric machines, there are also new developments in machines that make dual-blow heat settings possible on one-stage and two-stage PET systems. And in quality-boosting technologies, be on the lookout for new control and monitoring systems for PET containers that enable processors to optimize crystallinity for maximum strength without sacrificing clarity.


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