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Two New Directions for Una-Dyn at NPE

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Powder bulk handling and process cooling are two new product lines.

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At NPE2015, Universal Dynamics Inc., a Piovan Company, Woodbridge, Va., revealed two significant additions to its line of plastics auxiliaries. In its established market for drying, blending, loading, and conveying systems, it now offers powder bulk-handling equipment, a capability Una-Dyn has not had since it was sold by Mann + Hummel of Germany in 2008. Its new offerings of systems to handle powder materials such as PVC resin, TiO2, carbon black, and calcium carbonate come from the acquisition last year of the Italian company Penta by Una-Dyn’s parent, Piovan, also of Italy.

In addition, Una-Dyn is branching out into a whole new field—process-cooling systems—with a line of products from Piovan’s former chiller division, newly established as a separate company called Aquatech. Una-Dyn is starting with the DigitempEvo portable water-cooled chillers or temperature-control units (TCUs). Available with one or two circuits, they have digital scroll compressors, electronic expansion valves, operating range from -5 C to 90 C, and free-cooling option. Other Aquatech products, which Una-Dyn will introduce later, include portable air-cooled chillers, central air- and water-quenched chillers, a special PETchiller model, and dehumidifiers for molds and resin silos. Aquatech also performs energy audits.