VECOPLAN, LLC Introduces New Control System for Its Shredding Systems


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ARCHDALE, NC/March 15, 2007—Vecoplan, LLC, a leading manufacturer of industrial shredders and shredding systems used in many industries, today announced it new control panel system simply referred to as the Revision 9A with Human-Machine Interface. “The Rev. 9A is major advancement in shredder controls technology,” states Todd Carswell, Vecoplan’s VP of Technical development. “It was a collaborative effort between Marc Parsons, Vecoplan’s Graphics Director, Allen-Bradley, div. of Rockwell Automation, the large industrial controls manufacturer, and myself,” adds Carswell. “The major advantage on the Rev 9A is the customizable program setting that allows you to adjust program settings to your specific application” adds Mr. Parsons.The benefits of Revision 9A are realized as a combination of improved communication and control of various shredder features, and expanded operator interface functions. Rev. 9A utilizes the new A-B VersaView® CE with Microsoft® Windows CE to bring together the features of PanelView™ Plus operator interface and VersaView industrial computers. The solid state hardware provides an economical solution for harsh environments, including areas with high temperature, shock, or vibration. VersaView CE does not require shutdown, which provides the option of instant power off of the system. RSView Machine Edition runtime is integrated with the VersaView CE. It includes Internet Explorer, Terminal Services for client applications, Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating Visual Basic and C++ applications, and viewers for PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files. The MicroLogix 1200 PLC is filled with features and options designed to handle extensive range of applications. Available in 24 and 40-point versions, the I/O count can be expanded using rackless I/O modules. This results in larger control systems, greater application flexibility and expandability at a lower cost and reduced parts inventory. A field-upgradeable flash operating system ensures you will always be up-to-date with the latest features, without having to replace hardware. The controller can be easily updated with the latest firmware via a web site download. An A-B PowerFlex AC Drive (VFD) for variable speed hydraulic feed ram is included in the Rev 9A system. This allows ram speed to be increased by a factor of up to four, called Turbo mode. From the VersaView interface, the following features are found and accessed: · Vivid graphics and digital animations for operation, maintenance, diagnostics and parameter settings · All custom features found on Vecoplan's previous HMI (Human-Machine Interface) · "Life of Machine" event history · Ethernet port standard for remote access · Microsoft® Windows CE operating system · Operating manuals and parts lists in PDF file format · Process alarms with bypass screen. Alarms alert operator of any malfunction. Non-safety alarms can be bypassed for troubleshooting and to maintain mission-critical uptime · Self-commission feature. The interface will step operator through system start-up. The panel will automatically check for correct wiring and motor rotation. Prompts will guide operator through necessary changes, however incorrect motor rotation is automatically changed.