What to See at NPE 2006: Control and Monitoring



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Web-based or wireless monitoring, combined temperature and pressure sensing, cost-saving modularity, and better ways to display and report process and production data are some of the advances in control and monitoring that will be presented at this year’s NPE.

One development that could have the broadest implications is Watlow’s new EZ-Zone ST modular “integrated architecture” for temperature control loops. It combines the six separate elements of a typical loop into five snap-together modules that eliminate half the usual wiring terminations and a lot of associated cost. All modules communicate digitally for easy diagnostics.

Eurotherm has developed two new melt-pressure controllers, as well as a special, multi-loop process control that is easily scaleable into a control or plant network at low cost. The company says its T2550 Scalable Programmable Automation Controller with Ethernet communication is its first to bundle full configurable process control and I/O in a compact field-mountable base plate and termination assembly. Also new from Eurotherm are new versions of its MACO and EM-3 integrated machine controls designed to be cost-effective for small injection machines and extruders, respectively.

Three firms—Dynisco, Terwin Instruments, and Transducers Direct—are exhibiting new combination melt-pressure/temperature sensors. At least one allows simultaneous readout of both parameters.


Process & production monitoring

Mattec looks to give your productivity a boost with its new 7.0 version ProHelp EPM process and production monitoring system. It has a new option to generate RFID barcoding labels, and also brings just-in-time scheduling based on a Kanban lean manufacturing principle. Moldflow has added improved SPC/SQC monitoring and analysis capabilities to new version 2.1 of its Celltrack system.

Factory Intelligence Network developed new reporting software that issues reports from user-selected plant-floor monitoring data. Priamus will roll out a new Shop Floor Control that manages on a central server process data generated from cavity-pressure and temperature signals from each machine. PlastiSoft will show the latest developments in its ERP software, which is specifically for film extrusion and converting. And Kistler Instrument is rolling out its first injection molding process monitor.

Eurotherm offers a new Web-based ma chine diagnostics system that is easy to configure. It stores process data on modules at each press, but data from any press is viewable remotely over the web using a simple browser. RJG is also introducing a Web-based system that integrates its eDart process monitor with real-time production monitoring, scheduling, and reporting on one system.

Meanwhile, IQMS has added a module that can update its Enterprise IQ ERP system with shop-floor data wirelessly in real time. Real-time Web-based MRP software from Liad of Israel will be marketed here for the first time by Fasti USA.

Other ERP systems will be shown by CMS software, Cyframe, DTR Plastics Solutions, Factory Intelligence Network, Made2Manage, and Syscon-PlantStar.