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World's Smallest Hot-Runner Controller


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Measuring 97 x 61 x 30 mm and weighing 135 g, you can hold it in your hand. The new PICCO hot-runner controller mounts directly on the mold and stays put when the mold is moved. Because the heater/thermocouple wires plug directly into it, there are no long cables outside the mold and thus much less noise and signal loss for more accurate control, according to the supplier, Innovative Manufacturing Technology (IMT), part of Meiban Group Ltd., a Singapore molder and moldmaker. PICCO has a selector switch for five standard temperature settings for the most commonly used resins, plus two calibrating screws to fine-tune the settings, if necessary. Each PICCO device has two zones of control and costs $500. Contact John Lim, technical sales manager in Singapore (
+65 9664 8469 •

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