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Yizumi-HPM: Size Plus Technical Depth

A full-service provider of injection molding technology, with the resources of one of the world’s biggest builders of injection machines and a depth of North American support.


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Yizumi-HPM, a combination of one of the largest producers of injection machines in China—and therefore, the world—and one of the oldest names in U.S. plastics technology, is showing three new machine series in Booth W3343. These series—full-servo electric and servo-hydraulic toggle and two-platen—span a range from 60 to 3500 tons. Beyond their features and specs, the important fact for U.S. molders, says Bill Duff, general manager of sales and marketing, is that each of these machine lines has been adapted specifically for North American molders, with everything from safeties and platen mounting specs to controls engineered to meet their requirements—as indicated by the “N” in the model designations.

Part of what Duff wants to get across is, “We’re not another Asian manufacturer selling on price. We’re selling technology. Do you need a special process—coining, multi-shot, backmolding carpet, MuCell foam with rapid heat/cool molding? Need to run special materials—CPVC, Torlon polyamide-imide, fluoropolymers? We can satisfy any of those, with any required automation.”

Another key message is the depth of support Yizumi-HPM can offer North American molders. Part of that comes from industrial heft: Its parent company in China builds 4000 injection presses a year, as well as die-casting machines. Size is no object—Yizumi-HPM recently designed and build a 4500-ton die-casting machine for a U.S. customer. Volume is no object—“You need 50 machines? We can do that, and faster than most. We are wholly owned by Yizumi, and have full access to all their engineering and technology.”

Duff points out the resources available in North America to serve molders here: A brand-new tech center in Ohio, where the firm also has a 25,000-ft2 heavy manufacturing center, equipped with 150-ton overhead cranes for, among other things, rebuilding older HPM machines. “We have spare-parts inventory and tech support in several locations,” Duff notes, “In the Southwest, Southeast, Ohio, and Chicago area.”

In other words, Duff says, “We may be Asian owned, but we are a full-service supplier on this continent.”