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5/7/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Zone in on Progressive’s Components for Molds, Then Rock Out

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As with every NPE, Progressive Components is unveiling several new products that speed mold building and reduce cost and downtime, and then hosting a “progressive” rock VIP event for customers in its booth after hours.

Those in the market for mold component innovations will want to stop by Progressive Components (Booth W4871) this week where products are “zoned” according to focus to provide visitors with a “deep dive” into how standard components, innovative mechanisms and monitoring technologies can advance customers’ goals. “We’re more than just components to mold builders, as we also help OEM’s, Tier 1’s and Tier 2’s to implement major initiatives with their tooling specifications and production optimization,” says Glenn Starkey, president of Progressive Components.

Featured new product introductions include alternative approaches to cascades and baffles for mold cooling. The new components route water up lifters, around lifter heads and through inserts where space is often very limited, Starkey says. Progressive has expanded the capabilities of its CVe Monitoring platform by adding modules for maintenance of molds, machines and auxiliaries, and has also added a new, standalone asset-tracking system that, in addition to molds, can monitor molding machines, assembly equipment and more. “Sometimes large global companies can misplace their tools within their supply chain,” Starkey says. “In addition to tracking assets, it also has a maintenance module for preventive maintenance and work-order generation for both hourly-based and cycle-based equipment. Plus, for CVe Live users, it is integrated within the CVe Live platform.” Stainless steel supports for medical molds, precision stripper bolts and standard items for very large automotive molds are among the many mold components that round out the new offerings.

The company has two locations at NPE2018, with a smaller satellite booth (S33004) in the South Hall, Level 1. But it is at the main booth in the West Hall where VIP-tagged customers, after zoning in on products of interest to them, can then rock out with a cold beverage in hand and hear live entertainment by the band Rushour, a Rush tribute band, when the show closes at 5 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

“By day, we want to identify with the attendee some component widget, some mold monitoring capability, something great or small that they can take back to their team and it helps in some way. Then by night, we take the opportunity to have them back at our booth and raise a glass together and listen to live ‘progressive’ rock,” Starkey explains. “The net accomplishment is that not only is there some product that will help, but the attendee gets to know what we’re made of.”