Researchers Combine Mechanical and Chemical Recycling

By: Heather Caliendo

This research team is working on developing a novel hybrid chemical-mechanical technology for recycling and upcycling of laminated and multilayered plastics.
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Plastics Processing Index Hits Two-Year High

By: Michael Guckes

Five of six business components show expanding October activity as index hits 55.6.


PPEs Are Here to Stay: Is Your Sheet Line Ready?

By: By Steven DeAngelis, Davis-Standard, LLC

Follow these tips to evaluate your sheet extrusion lines to find out if you can expand into this market.


Betting Big on Recycled PET

By: Heather Caliendo

Distributor of virgin PET resins PolyQuest is also a growing manufacturer of recycled PET resins.
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CG Roxane's San Bernardino rPET Facility Marks First Year of Production

By: Heather Caliendo

CG Roxane’s CEO and President Ronan Papillaud discusses the company's journey into rPET production.  

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Performance Modifier Additives Make Standard Polypropylene Resins Perform Like Premium Grades

Polypropylene (PP) shortages have forced many processors to move to lower grade resins at the cost of lower performance and processability. Milliken’s DeltaMax Performance Modifiers upgrade these materials to enhance impact resistance, melt flow rates, and sustainability through the use of more recycled material.  
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Extrusion Know How

The Three Causes of Screw Wear

By: Jim Frankland

You run the risk of wasting time and money by not understanding what’s causing your screws to wear.

Know How

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 1

By: Michael Sepe

In this series we’ll delve into a discerning look back into the history of our industry and how we all got here.  


Recycling: Expanding 'Circularity' through Advanced Recycling Technologies

By: Kim Holmes, 4R Sustainability

Recycling and achieving circularity for materials is at the core of the plastics industry’s evolving sustainable business model. Advanced technologies will play a big role.


Get Color Right With Digital Control

By: Earl Balthazar, Datacolor

Here’s a guide for compounders, color houses, and processors to overcome unreliable visual color analysis and eliminate unproductive and costly results. 


PT Tech Days Continue to Inform

By: Jim Callari

Register now to hear technology experts address a wide range of topics in plastics processing. And access our archives to tune in to what you may have missed. It’s free.
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Injection Molding

Lights Out, Pristine Production In

By: Tony Deligio

The numbers beggar belief and the business belies description—Medical Components of America has six full-time employees, six injection machines and lights-out production that’s gone five years without shipping a bad part or missing a delivery.
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Injection Molding

How to Plan and Implement Automation in an Injection Molding Plant

By: By Steve Williams and Rich Lachance, Sepro America LLC

There is no “one size fits all” solution in automation. When considering what it would look like in your plant, hone in on the staff, products, space, and goals that are specific to you and the automation system that you will be installing.  


Film Processor Boosts Line Performance with Air-Ring Retrofit

By: Jim Callari

Air-ring upgrade results in output gains up to 23% for leading film processor in Indonesia. Gauge uniformity also improved.
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End Markets

Berry’s Bold Sustainability Benchmarks

By: Tony Deligio

Worldwide packaging behemoth Berry Global has staked out a market-leading sustainability position with ambitious near- and long-term goals. Executive VP and General Manager Brian Hunt discussed the company’s efforts with Plastics Technology, including a new line of PCR containing caps and closures.

Injection Know How

Residence Time and Residence-Time Distribution—Part 1 of 2

By: Suhas Kulkarni

Failing to calculate and accurately account for residence time can compromise material integrity before it’s even injected.