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There is still time to register for Plastics Technology’s first-of-its-kind extrusion conference. The entire agenda has been finalized, and you can find it and all other relevant details about  the event by clicking on Extrusion 2018 Conference.

It’s going to be held Sept. 18-20 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland. It’s our first Extrusion Conference in Cleveland, following three successful events in Charlotte.

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Austria-based polyolefin producers Borealis is one resin producer that is stepping up its activities in recycling. The company made its initial entry into the space with the acquisition of German plastics recycling companies mtm plastics GmbH and its sister company mtm compact GmbH just two years ago, and has since made significant investments in upgrading and boosting production at both facilities. Their focus is on rigid, injection molding markets.

Now, the company has signed an agreement to acquire Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH of Wildon, Austria. The company annually processes around 35,000 m.t. (77,161,792 lb) of post-consumer plastic waste from households and industrial consumers, turning it into high-quality LDPE and HDPE recyclates, primarily but not exclusively for the plastic film market. The company recycles flexibles from highly-contaminated post-consumer waste and the resultant recyclate is said to be suitable for thin-film production.

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Within the last few years, we have reported on the fast-growing trend towards all-PE multilayer flexible food packaging and the sustainability advantage it can offer in terms of recyclability. Tackling multilayer barrier films that consist of a combination of PE and nylon 6—where the former acts as a barrier for moisture and the latter as a barrier for oxygen thus significantly extending the shelf life of the packaged food—is now a mission for recycling technology company APK of Merseburg, Germany and Royal DSM, which supplies specialty engineered nylons including basic nylon 6 through DSM Engineering Plastics.

The new partners point out that the PE/nylon 6 barrier package cannot be produced with a mono-material PE film, since the layer thicknesses to achieve sufficient barrier properties would become too high. The addition of nylon 6 in the multi-material solution reduces the total layer thickness significantly and improves the mechanical integrity of the film resulting in less rupture of the films during transportation and logistics. This leads to a lower food waste percentage and thus to a significantly better carbon footprint in a Life Cycle Analysis.

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Sponsored Content 25. July 2018

Molded-In Threaded Inserts: The Basics

Molded-in threaded inserts can be a great option for plastics processors looking for reusable threads in thermoset or thermoplastic applications.

When strength requirements are a top priority, molded-in applications offer the best pull-out (resistance to the insert pulling out of the part) and torque performance (resistance to the insert twisting in the part when the mating fastener is torqued) for metal threaded inserts.

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24. July 2018

Market Minute: Packaging

Michael Guckes, chief economist for Gardner Business Intelligence, a division of Gardner Business Media, publisher of Plastics Technology, breaks down the packaging sector in this one-minute market update, which builds off his August column on the topic.

Revenue, EBITDA, and free cash flow were all higher on a year-over-year basis for the packaging and container firms, with 2018 earnings growth projected to come in at 27.5%. Revenues, meanwhile, are projected to increase by 7.7%, with capital expenditures and free cash flow also projected higher.

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