Have You Considered the Sustainability Benefits of Liquid Color?

By: Matthew Naitove

Add less pigment to the solid-waste or recycling streams, save energy, and reduce waste to landfill, among other advantages.
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Additive Manufacturing

Q&A: The Role of 3D Printing When it Comes to Optimizing the Supply Chain

By: Heather Caliendo

Greg Elfering, president of Ultimaker Americas, discusses the current state of 3D printing and what the future holds. 


Optimizing the Effective Life of Screws and Barrels

By: By Jeff Kuhman, Glycon Corp.

By adopting a few relatively simple practices, plastics processors can extend the life of the vital components of their plasticating unit. Here’s how to get started.  

Injection Know How

Injection Molding: Understand the Link Between Feed Throat Temperature & Bridging

By: John Bozzelli

Save time and money by properly controlling the feed-throat temperature. In some cases—but not all—it can help you solve a bridging problem.

Pipe, Profile, Tubing

When to 'Adapt,' When to Retool?

By: Ernie Preiato, Conair

That is the question pipe and tubing processors typically confront when they specify a line for one product, only to have to add to the product mix when business conditions change. Here are some tips to guide you to the right answer.
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Materials Knowledge Pays Off at Teel Plastics

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Well-equipped and well-staffed testing lab elevates competence of custom processor.
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Pipe, Profile, Tubing

Fast, Precise Machine Helps Tubing Processor Make the Cut

By: Jim Callari

Instead of turning down a job or farming out cutting to another company because of downstream bottlenecks, Eagle Elastomer can now handle all extrusion process functions in-house. 
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PART ONE How to Determine Viscosity Data Using a Slit-Die Viscometer

By: Chris Rauwendaal

Using a slit-die viscometer connected to a lab extruder can generate accurate data on melt viscosity at various shear rates and temperatures, a useful QC tool in processing.
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How to Improve Production of Catheters and Stents

By: By Chris Weinrich, Conair Group

Advances in downstream extrusion equipment have boosted production control.
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Molds & Tooling

Tooling: The Lowdown on Guided Ejection Systems

By: Jim Fattori

  When, where, how and why to use them.  

Feeding & Blending

New Central Blending System Offers Greater Accuracy, Flexibility

By: Jim Callari

Developed by Israel’s LIAD and available from Ampacet, system features dedicated ingredient weighing hoppers conveyed to specific machines to eliminate the risk of batch contamination.


Rising Prices for PE, PVC; Others Flat to Down

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

A reversal of the rising price curve for PP, PS, PET.

Blow Molding

Processing Market Expands for Third Straight Month

By: Michael Guckes

New orders, production and employment sustain continuous industry expansion. With a reading of 52.9 in September, the index climbed each month in the third quarter.


Nova Chemicals Becomes Lead Corporate Sponsor for the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Initiative

By: Heather Caliendo

The Nova Chemicals sponsorship will help bring two more marinas into the GLPC Initiative, bringing the total number of marinas participating to date to 13.


Try This Approach to Clean Up Your Recycled Material

By: Jim Frankland

CO2 can be used as a totally “green” solvent to remove many kinds of contamination in recycled plastics without the need for toxic solvents.


Bridging the Gap Between 3D Printing and Traditional Manufacturing

By: Heather Caliendo

At Essentium, both 3D printers and materials receive starring roles.