Engineering Resins

Prices Up for Nearly All Major Volume Resins--For Now

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

As the third quarter was coming to an end, prices of nearly all volume resins were higher or heading that way. But flat or even lower prices are seen ahead.
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Plastics Processors Report Quickening Expansion

By: Michael Guckes

Expansion among both captive and custom processors is driven by expanding orders, production, and employment.


Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control

By: Matthew Naitove

Unique melt-measurement system provides new types of data for quality and process control. A new version is coming soon.
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Making Cooling Time Productive With a Shuttle Mold System

The Shuttle Mold system enables users to inject parts in two molds with a single injector, turning cooling time for one part into productive time for another.

Injection Molding

A Window of Opportunity Opens to One Million Parts a Day

By: Tony Deligio

Injection molder and moldmaker Lawrence Industries was founded on the promise of plastics as a replacement for metal in window hardware—a market it now dominates.

Commodity Resins

Graphene Nanomodified Glass-Reinforced Nylon 66 Holds Much Promise for New Automotive Applications

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

OCSiAl’s Tuball graphene nanotubes are used by composites compounder in a line of glass-filled nylon 66, with other polymer developments underway. 

Ineos Styrolution Talks Closing the Loop on Polystyrene

By: Heather Caliendo

The company is collaborating with several companies on several solutions, including depolymerization.

Five Ways SPC Can Improve Performance

By: Louis Columbus, enterprise software strategist, DELMIAworks

Statistical process control (SPC) can help plastics processors determine the factors responsible for product quality variation and provide a roadmap for improving the production process.
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Running PCR? Optimize Performance & Processability with Stabilizers

By: Roberto Nunez and Ian Query, Baerlocher USA

Proper stabilization of PCR is vital to enable production of molded and extruded parts to meet brand-owner requirements.

Extrusion Know How

Understanding the Effect of Polymer Viscosity on Melt Temperature

By: Jim Frankland

Every processor should get hold of the viscosity curves for the polymers they use or contemplate using in their operations, and learn how to read them.

Know How

Materials Part 6 of 7: Annealing Tips for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

By: Mike Sepe

TPUs form physical, rather than chemical, crosslinks that can be broken by reheating. Formation of these crosslinks can be sped up by annealing, which improves a variety of properties.


Follow These Purging and Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Screws and Barrels

By: By Bob Grzegorek, Dyna-Purge, and Randy Wise, Reiloy

Processors can extend the life of equipment and improve productivity by coupling a preventive-maintenance program for their screws and barrels with routine use of chemical purging compounds..
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Injection Molding

Tooling: Back to Basics On Die Springs--Part 2

By: Jim Fattori

Follow these steps for proper die-spring selection and installation.
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Heating & Cooling

Clear Your Calendars for Plastics Technology 'Tech Days'

By: Jim Callari

Beginning Oct. 8, we will be bringing exclusive, live, online technical content on a wide range of processing topics that you can access for free.
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Plastics Processing Expands in July

By: Michael Guckes

With an Index reading of 52.3, processors report first monthly expansion since the coronavirus disruption.


Prices Up for All Commodity Resins

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Factors include strong domestic and/or export demand, tighter supplier inventories, and higher feedstock costs resulting from production outages. 
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