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By: Heather Caliendo 6. July 2018

Ocean Plastic 3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs

Business consultant Chris Moriarity had no background in recycling, 3D printing or working with ocean plastic. Yet, one fateful night he woke up and had the idea to connect the dots: bring together two unacceptable global situations and offer a sustainable solution.

“I realized that one of the world’s most shameful problems could be reclaimed and turned into something to be proud of—a story of redemption we could all take part in—my wife was as excited as I was, even though it was 2 a.m.,” he says.

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In mid-June, we received information from resin distributor PolySource, Independence, Mo., regarding potential nylon 66 shortages and escalating prices. Some historical background on the nylon 66 supply chain was included, with an emphasis on adiponitrile (ADN), which is used in the production of primary nylon 66 component hexamethylene diamine.

PolySource addressed nylon 66 resin alternatives—including nylon 6, aliphatic polyketone (POK), PPA and PBT, as well as an overall outlook regarding ADN capacity expansions that may not meet market demand until 2021, at earliest.

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Finland’s TactoTek (U.S. office in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.) has announced that one of its injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) designs has passed an automotive OEM’s test requirements for interior use in its vehicles.

The company worked directly with the OEM who funded the project to adapt its traditional electronics parts to IMSE design rules. Tests were conducted by automotive test laboratories under contract to the OEM, which has opted to remain anonymous.

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The number one advantage of vacuum conveying powders is dust control, especially in the plastics industry, where combustible dust is a serious safety issue. Vacuum conveying is a “closed process” in which powders are protected from ambient air in the plant. As a result, it is the preferred technology for safely transporting combustible powders.

Some materials present a risk for combustible dust explosion or harmful environmental impact, so the system needs to ensure that the material is contained and processed in a way to remove manual handling and eliminate fugitive dust. Before selecting a vacuum conveying system for powders, here’s what to consider…READ MORE.

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Previous NPE shows have featured robots playing basketball and miniature golf. An imaginative display this year at NPE2018 was a robot from Star Automation, Menomonee, Wis., using a new three-axis servo head to do Japanese calligraphy. The robot carefully loaded the brush with ink, painted the figure, and then rinsed the brush. It was all done with programming; no vision cameras necessary.

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