Extrusion: Evaluating Screw Design for Multi-Material Recycling

By: Jim Frankland

Since many plastic products are made of a combination of materials with very different melting points, careful consideration must be given to designing screws when it comes time to recycle these products.


How and Where Twin-Screw Extruders Fit in Recycling

By: Charlie Martin, Leistritz Extrusion

When utilized in a thoughtful way, the corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruder can transform recycled materials into value-added products and parts. Here’s what you need to know, and some real-world examples of the technology deployed for both post-industrial and post-consumer recycling.
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Reactive Extrusion: Industry Icons Impart Their Insights

By: Jim Callari

Three distinguished experts in the area of reactive extrusion shed some light on this process.


SABIC Steps-Up Specialty Thermoplastic Resins Fulfillment to Expedite Production of Critical COVID-19 Equipment

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Two Chinese manufacturers swiftly received SABIC’s specialty engineered resins for the manufacture of much needed medical equipment. 


Quantifying the Appearance of Plastics

Gloss, reflection haze, and transmission haze are three of the most prevalent effects on the appearance of plastics. With the help of multifunctional tools like gloss meters and spectrophotometers manufacturers can measure these visual affects to ensure the integrity of a products appearance from start to end. 

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Media Announces New Educational Presentation Series

By: Staff Report

Presented with IMTS spark, the series will explore how 3D printing technology is changing the face of manufacturing.

Materials Know How

Materials Part 5: Annealing Tips for Crosslinked Polymers

By: Michael Sepe

As with semi-crystalline thermoplastics, annealing can be used in thermosetting polymers to obtain a level of crosslinking that may not be possible within the molding cycle.
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Molds & Tooling

Tooling: Back to Basics on Die Springs Part 1

By: Jim Fattori

Some molding shops insist that all of their molds have springs to return the ejector plates. And there are lots from which to choose. Here we’ll focus on compression die springs for injection molds.
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Metal vs. Polymer 3D-Printed Mold Tooling: Which is “Better?”

By: Ben Arnold, VP Business Development, Fortify

“Better” is the wrong metric—instead, molders should understand the key differences between tooling and appreciate where in the product lifecycle each technology fits best.


PLASTICS Awards Danimer Scientific and WinCup as the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Winners

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Danimer Scientific and WinCup, who developed first-of-its-kind backyard compostable and marine biodegradable straw, honored by PLASTICS. 

Injection Molding

Low-Pressure Injection Process Facilitates ‘Green Molding’

By: Gene Altonen, iMFLUX

Besides speed and quality advantages, the low-pressure iMFLUX process is said to enhance sustainability—easing use of recycled and biobased materials, saving energy, reducing scrap, and adding lightweighting potential. See what molders say about these “green” benefits.


Dow Launches New Project to Reduce Plastic Waste in Nigeria

By: Heather Caliendo

Adwoa Coleman, Dow’s Africa sustainability and advocacy manager for packaging and specialty plastics, talks about the importance of this recycling project. 


DS Smith and Aquapak Target Single-Use Plastic Packaging Reduction with Biodegradable Alternative

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

Scientific collaboration between DS Smith and Aquapak Polymers aimed at commercializing groundbreaking sustainable single-use packaging solutions.

Log on and Learn

By: Jim Callari

New digital options spring up to fill the void caused by events canceled due to Coronavirus restrictions. And people in manufacturing are logging on.


Demystifying the Devolatilization Process

By: Rob Jerman

Here are some practical guidance and simple tools to help you better understand the process and improve your operation.


GM Using Stratasys 3D Printing Systems for Ventilator Tooling Production

By: Heather Caliendo

GM’s director of additive manufacturing, Ron Daul, talks with Plastics Technology about the company’s investment in 3D printing technologies.