Injection Molding

Despite COVID-19, ERP Software Keeps Molder Working—Even from Home

By: Tony Deligio

ERP platform’s remote access, real-time operations overview, and transparency into production output and customer demand help custom molder weather coronavirus.
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Shopping for a Barrel? Consider the Full Cost of Ownership

By: Randy Elliott, Nordson Corp.

Beyond just the “invoice price” of a barrel, processors should consider factors like the composition of the inlay, quality of the backing material, straightness, concentricity, machining imperfections and packaging/handling, to understand the true cost of owning a barrel.


How to Ensure Reliable Feeder Performance When Handling PCR

By: John Winski, Coperion K-Tron

Processors are being challenged to incorporate more recycled material into their products. Yet there are both economical and technical obstacles to achieving this objective—feeding among them. The design of your feeding equipment and the advantages that it will offer to your process will be more important than ever.

Engineering Resins

Materials: Annealing Tips for Polyamide-imide, Part 7 of 7

By: Michael Sepe

PAI is a material capable of achieving levels of performance that even semi-crystalline engineering polymers like PEEK, PPS, and PPA cannot. But you have to be willing to work for that performance, and the annealing process is an essential part of this. 

Injection Molding

Novel Nozzle Tip Prevents Stringing, Saving Molds & Cycle Time

By: Matthew Naitove

New design is said to eliminate mold damage from nozzle stringing or work-arounds that slow cycles.

Injection Molding

Top Shops 2020: Molding More from Less

By: Tony Deligio

Plastics Technology’s 2020 Top Shops benchmarking survey reveals that the most effective molders are, not surprisingly, the most efficient, accomplishing more than their peers from a smaller manufacturing footprint.

Know How

Extrusion: Solving Surging in Two-Stage Screws

By: Jim Frankland

This usually crops up when the two stages are not matched in output. The best solution is to install a pressure-adjusting valve at the discharge end of the extruder.

Additive Manufacturing

'10 Things We’re Seeing in Machine Shops Right Now'

By: Matthew Naitove

Metalworking shops and plastics plants make for interesting comparisons of their responses to the COVID-19 challenge.
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Hot Runners

Time Still to Register For PT Tech Days

By: Jim Callari

It’s free. It’s online. It’s scheduled every Thursday through December. And you can register now to hear technology experts address a wide range of topics in plastics processing.  
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Novel Dual-Wheel Blow Molder Allows Quick Product Changes

By: Matthew Naitove

Two wheels, one extruder, two sets of molds: all you need to change products without a mold change.


The Buck Stops … at This One-Stop Compounder

By: Jim Callari

CRC Polymer Systems brings expertise in material selection, product formulation and processing, and a thorough understanding of part design and tooling under one roof with a series of customized materials and capabilities aimed at OEMs and molders.

Injection Know How

How to Know When Your Process is Ready to Make Acceptable Parts

By: John Bozzelli

Focus on six key metrics to help you determine when a process is lined out and stable enough to start production. 


Processing Medical Plastics? Here's How to Minimize Risk

By: Steve Duckworth, Avient

FDA now expects OEMs of healthcare products to also take responsibility for Tier 2 and 3 suppliers—making sure every supply-chain link is meeting Good Manufacturing Practices.


‘Game Changing’ Flat Die Lives Up to Its Billing

By: Jim Callari

Revolutionary ‘touchless’ die and control system for cast film and coating/laminating offer speed, efficiency and operational efficiencies to processors that were previously ‘unheard of.’
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Prices Up for Nearly All Major Volume Resins--For Now

By: Lilli Manolis Sherman

As the third quarter was coming to an end, prices of nearly all volume resins were higher or heading that way. But flat or even lower prices are seen ahead.
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Plastics Processors Report Quickening Expansion

By: Michael Guckes

Expansion among both captive and custom processors is driven by expanding orders, production, and employment.