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10 Most-Interesting Materials Developments of 2015

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2015 was not “short” in materials news including novel packaging resins, thermoplastic composites and biopolymer advances.

Deciding which among the 2015 blogs I posted on materials developments were the most intriguing was not an easy task. The reason: they ran the gamut from foreign industry investments in the U.S., to advances and collaborations in materials technology including novel packaging resins, biopolymers, and thermoplastic composites, and to outlooks for polyolefin. So, here’s a stab at 10 blogs that exemplify these trends.


  1. Quanex Expands With Acquisition of U.K.’s HL Plastics
  2. Foreign PE Investments Underway in North America
  3. Newly Named Wellman Advanced Materials Expands Into Auto TPOs
  4. New Family of High-Performance LLDPE-Like Resins for Packaging
  5. Coca-Cola Debuts First 100% Biobased PET Bottle
  6. Economical Direct Route to Making PLA Soon to be Employed
  7. New Industry, University Alliance’s Focus: A Recyclable Thermoplastic Auto-Suspension System
  8. Expect Graphene to Make Its Mark in Multiple Markets
  9. PE Outlook for 2016 Favors Processors
  10. Takeaway From IHS Presentation on PP