5 Ways Resin Conveying Systems are Getting Smarter

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These five short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on with the technologies that drive and control plastics resin conveying systems as they become more reliable, flexible and adaptable. 


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Several enabling technologies are rendering conveying systems that are more reliable, flexible and expandable to meet your plant’s specific needs.

These five short videos from Novatec provide a snapshot of what’s going on with the equipment that drives and controls plastics resin conveying systems:

  1. Vacuum Conveying Smart Pumps Deliver Maximum Uptime

  2.  Conveying Control Also Talks to Blenders, Silos, Dryers and More

  3. Railcar Unloading System has Built-In Predictive Maintenance

  4. Conveying Systems Designed for Your Plant

  5. Vacuum Receivers Easily Tailor to Your Application

Get a snapshot of this technology in this short video series. WATCH HERE.