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12/10/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

A Birthday for the Web; A Survey for Our Readers

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Did you know that March 12 was the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday?


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Slipped my calendar too, but whether or not people marked the occasion, the global digital consortium launched by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 to help share information continues to turn entire industries on their heads, including the worlds of publishing and manufacturing that Plastics Technology straddles.


To better understand the web’s influence, as well as how our readers seek, consume and share information vital to their day-to-day jobs, Plastics Technology’s publisher, Gardner Business Media Inc., is once again undertaking its annual Media Usage Survey. Sent to readers across Gardner’s publication portfolio, the survey, which is entering its fifth year, is the largest study exploring media usage and buyer behavior in discrete parts manufacturing.


A Growing Web
The Pew Research Center marked the Web’s 25th birthday with a survey of its own. The most striking finding was the mass adoption of the Internet, rising from 14% of American adults in 1995 to 87% this year, with higher usage of 97% among young adults (age 18-29) and people with college degrees.


In last year’s media usage survey, Gardner’s poll of manufacturing professionals reflected different engagement trends when it comes to seeking job-related information. Asked how they preferred to receive trade publication content, 58% chose a print magazine, followed by digital magazines (20%), email newsletters (14%), and websites (8%). Of those respondents, 93% had purchasing influence, whether that was approving, recommending or specifying a purchase, and 60% were 50 years or older.


Staying Power
A quarter century is a momentous anniversary for the Web, but it also highlights the relative infancy of the medium. The first magazine is believed to have been published  351 years ago in Germany; 121 years ago in November, what some consider the first trade magazine, Billboard, was launched. June marked the 86th birthday of Modern Machine Shop, sister publication to Plastics Technology, and the periodical that launched Gardner.


Help us shape the next century of media usage in manufacturing; take the survey today and let us know about your about consumption habits so we can better serve you in the years to come.