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A Couple of Interesting Tidbits from Arburg’s Technology Days

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Four-cavity mold rotates 45° for multi-component lens molding.

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Among the numerous machine demonstrations at Arburg’s annual Technology Days open house at its German headquarters in late March was one that struck me as a bit unusual. It was a two-component application running on an all-electric Allrounder 520A. The mold produced four lenses with a thickness of 25 mm in only 55 sec. The interesting part is that the mold rotated in increments of 45° (instead of the more typical 90° or 180°) with injection. Cooling, and part removal occurring simultaneously at the eight stations.

 Another interesting detail was the introduction of new maintenance packages that contain, for example, lubricants and tools required for specific Arburg machines. (U.S. office is in Newington, Conn.)