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6/21/2016 | 3 MINUTE READ

A Pre-K2016 Experience in Belgium

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EMG did a terrific job in bringing together some 25 trade press members to hear preliminary news from some key players in plastic materials and additives.


EMG did a terrific job in bringing together some 25 trade press members to hear preliminary news from some key players of plastic materials and additives.


We were all at NPE2015 just last year and now K2016 is around the corner. But with each of the big shows I get even better ideas for shoes that will save my feet (e.g., minimalist Ninja-looking things) and allow me to get the latest news. Flip flops did the trick for my visit to Antwerp, Belgium when we were treated to a great walk-about town headed by a very scholarly local guide. So, I thought I’d share some photos, including one of the old churches, Antwerp harbor from above, and a Belgium chocolate shop to which you can bet I returned.


But, back to business. The Antwerp trip was organized by the international communications consultancy EMG, and it was one of several pre-K events that take place every three years just a few months before each K show. As members of the trade press, we have no clue beforehand how valuable such a press junket might turn out in terms of news generation. There were 25 of us from all over the world, and I would say we were generally very pleased with the outcome of the event.


EMG brought us together with four of their plastic materials clients—SABIC, DSM, Ascend Performance Polymers, and Polyscope; and two plastic additives clients—Songwon and Clariant. I am reporting on their “early” news of what attendees can expect to see at this big show for our September pre-K2016 issue. But, here is a teaser list:


SABIC will showcase materials and applications for several industries, from transportation to healthcare. Included is reportedly the first rear PC glazing window on a car and PEI filament for 3-D printing of aircraft prototypes. You’ll also find new ultra-clear PP, PC/ABS, carbon-fiber reinforced compounds, and PC sheet for the healthcare sector. SABIC also announced that it has entered into the polyolefin elastomer (POE) business with the development of Nexlene alphaolefins, joining less than a handful of dominant suppliers.


DSM will showcase the latest in what it claims to be the most extensive portfolio of high-temperature polymers, including a new product family of its 4T nylon for electronics and a new PPA family for high-performance automotive and electronics. DSM has also expanded its new Detroit R&D facility to further assist OEMs and Tier I suppliers of automotive and electronics.


Ascend Performance Polymers is now one of the world’s largest integrated producers of nylon 66 resin used in automotive cooling systems, interior and exterior systems, powertrain and underhood components. You can expect to see new high-flow and flame-retardant nylon 66 compounds for electronics, as well as new nylon 66 compounds for packaging, a market in which Ascend is making an entry.


Polyscope is the leading producer of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, sold under the tradename Xiran—the company’s business is about 75% compounds and 25% additives. Its specialty Xiran IZ terpolymers, launched in 2013, have been aimed at boosting the thermal performance of ABS and ASA. Now, Polyscope, has expanded the range of its heat booster additives to increase heat performance of other styrenics, such as PS and SAN, and PMMA. Also look for a new maleic anhydride grafted PP compound, that bridges the gap between PP and ABS for automotive applications. A new portfolio of additives that act as compatibilizers and coupling agents as well as chain extenders for both amorphous and semi-crystalline resins will also be launched.


Songwon is now the world’s largest suppliers of polymer stabilizers will highlights its complete portfolio of antioxidants and UV stabilizers in a full range of physical forms. It will also launch a new antioxidant specifically developed to boost the long-term thermal stability of short- and long-glass fiber reinforced PP used in interior automotive and is said to promote the molding of thinner and lighter weight components.


Clariant will feature a host of new pigments, additives and masterbatches that are said to enhance safety, sustainability and innovation in plastics. Included are a yellow pigments to replace lead chromates for consumer goods as well as an infrared transparent black for nylons, ABS, PC and other engineering resins; the latest addition of halogen-free flame retardant for E/E nylon goods; and UV additive masterbatches for polyolefin roofing sheets. Look also for the launch of new anti-counterfeit fluorescent-effect tagant technology for plastic components and packaging.


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