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Are You Among Moldmaking’s Elite?

Enter the Leadtime Leader award competition to nominate your shop and find out.


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Since kicking off this annual competition in 2003, sister publication MoldMaking Technology has awarded many outstanding mold builders the Leadtime Leader title, which in turn has motivated others to nominate their shops. Going through this process each year has exposed this industry’s passion and commitment to continually strive to be better, to be leaders.


So, what does it mean to be a Leadtime Leader? According to MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges, it means setting a higher standard for overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment in mold manufacturing. And the benefits of doing the work to contend in this competition include industry recognition, brand awareness, new customers and increased morale. "But don’t take my word for it," she noted. "Read what past winners have to say":


“A second-generation mold shop has always had the reputation of just ‘following in the footsteps.’ Well, becoming a Leadtime Leader really shows the industry that change is good. Being recognized as an industry leader has resulted in a noticeable boost in employee morale and has presented opportunities that may not have been available to us prior to the win.” Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing (Windsor, Ontario)


"This award has opened up a lot of doors for us. It has also made us aware that we are on the right track, but that we must keep charging to be the best in our market while maintaining a global vision into the future.” United Mold and Tool (Easley, South Carolina)


“We’ve been able to showcase our capabilities and gain exposure on a national level. After winning, a local potential client asked for a facility tour, because they saw the article. That potential client was converted into an actual customer.” Mold-Tech Inc. (Albertville, Minnesota)


“The exposure we have received has been great. We have been able to generate new leads and reinforce to our existing customers our commitment to providing a quality product in a timeline that is measured as an industry leader.” MSI Mold Builders (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


“Filling out the questionnaire forced us to consider all the various components of our success, including the adoption and implementation of new technologies, customer service, continual education, training and cross-training of employees, our sales/marketing efforts, and involvement in our industry in ways that help to make it better and stronger. We believe that receipt of the award is recognition from our peers of a ‘job well done.’” Tech Mold, Inc. (Tempe, Arizona)


“We found the process to be an introspective one which yielded valuable insights into the internal day-to-day operations that we have subsequently incorporated into our strategic plan as we seek to continue to improve upon our position within the tooling and plastics industry.” Plastikos Inc./Micro Mold Co. (Erie, Pennsylvania)


So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter the screening process for this competition,


Any shop performing moldmaking operations is invited to compete, and all submissions will be considered. Nominations forms are then reviewed, and qualified candidates are asked to continue the process with a detailed questionnaire.


Winners are chosen by staff editors and a judging panel of OEMs and molders based on quality, performance in lead time and deliveries via efficient manufacturing processes; current and projected sales growth; innovation in technology and business strategy implementation; industry involvement; and customer satisfaction. Winner and honorable mention shops receive a cover/feature story in MMT, a video feature, a booth and plaque at Amerimold, and an advertising campaign in Plastics Technology.