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3/13/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Are You Up on the Latest in IML & IMD?

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New technology for decorative and functional in-mold decorating will be featured at Molding 2019 Conference.

Eliminate any doubt by attending the Tuesday afternoon session on Medium & Large Parts Molding for Mechanical Performance & Aesthetics at the Molding 2019 Conference in Indianapolis, March 19-21.

That session will have three speakers on in-mold labeling and decorating (IML & IMD) for decorative and functional applications:

 •  Corey Reardon of AWA Alexander Watson Associates will present a business overview: “In-Mold Decorating & In-Mold Electronics Market & Opportunities.”

 •  Joachim Kragl of Engel will answer the question of “What’s new in IMD?” by discussing, amont other things, the Decoject process that was first shown at K 2016 and then at NPE2018. Aimed at auto interiors, this automated cell feeds a thin TPO film from a roll into the mold, where it is back-injected with PP and punched out of the roll. The film imparts color, texture, gloss, and feel, so a variety of parts can be made simply by changing films. Grain is applied in the mold. (Read more about it here.)

 •  Jason Holbrook of KraussMaffei has his own answer to “What’s new?” – a system that produces a bezel for an electronic interface that combines robot-inserted IML with two independent IMD heat-transfer foils that are transported reel-to-reel through a two-cavity mold. What’s new is servo-controlled positioning of single-image designs (rather than continuous designs that don’t require such precision) and the ability to do that with two independent foils so as to permit dual-cavity operation—or placement of two designs within a single cavity. The system was developed by Kurz and shown at Fakuma 2018 in Germany last fall. (Read more about it.)

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