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3/26/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

At NPE: Versatile Wheel & Reciprocating Blow Molders

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An economical machine for 10-20 million bottles/yr.

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Wilmington Machinery, Wilmington, N.C., is showing off several new and improved models of extrusion blow molding machines (booth W1255).


The Model VSR rotary wheel provides calibrated neck finish (up to 90 mm) for medium to large containers with in-machine deflashing. It’s said to offer unusual flexibility: six to eight cavities, clamp force of 5 or 10 tons, and container sizes from 2 to 10 L. It also reportedly handles a wide variety of mold sizes with minimum setup or changeover time. It also offers mono- or multilayer extrusion and robotic takeout. The machine is said to be priced economically for jobs requiring 10-20 million bottles/yr.


Wilmington’s SB (Small Bottle) series of wheel machines has been expanded to meet new new dual-parison, three-layer applications. The first machine of this type is producing lightweight 4-oz containers on a 6-sec cycle. Some SB models have also been enhanced to accommodate Wilmington’s Radial Positioning feature that allows running bottles of different sizes.


The company’s Series III wheel series has been upgraded by greatly simplifying clamp and wheel setup for faster setup time and reduced wear.


In addition, Wilmington is extending its line with the introduction of an in-line, multi-clamp reciprocating blow molder for medium-volume production of industrial and agricultural packaging as well as automotive, toys, and other parts.


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