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Benefit Yourself—And the Industry—By Completing the Capital Spending Survey

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If you received the Plastics Technology Capital Spending Survey and are in the U.S., take 5 minutes to complete it and you’ll receive $15 and the industry will get an important barometer of its health and investment.

If you received the 5-minute Plastics Technology Capital Spending survey in your mail or email, please fill it out today, in addition to a summary report of the findings, we’ll email you $15 to exchange for your choice of gift card or charitable donation. If you’re not sure you got the survey, contact us to access it.

The Capital Spending Plastics Processing Survey describes the state of the U.S. plastics processing machine market as projected over the course of the next year, including an overall picture of the market in addition to specific machine types and demographic areas. Your summary report will show you how your investment stacks with your competitors in terms of specific equipment, plant size and geographic location.

The survey closes August 26; if you’re in the U.S., complete it today and be repaid in data and dollars.


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