Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Blow Molding: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

At the recent NPE2018 show in Orlando, Fla., Jomar Corp., Pleasantville, N.J., may have opened some eyes to the unsuspected capabilities of injection-blow molding.


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At NPE, Jomar molded polycarbonate LED bulbs on its new IntelliDrive 85S servohydraulic injection-blow machine. Molded eight-up in 11.5 sec, the bulbs had only slightly visible gate marks and parting lines—something not supposed to be possible with this process, according to Jomar sales manager Ron Gabriele. He credits both the know-how of Jomar’s processing team and the skills of the toolmaker, Lenape Mold in Millville, N.J.