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Call for Injection Molding Experts

Next March in Chicago, the Molding Conference will convene for the 30th time, and we’re currently seeking experts to share their injection insights.


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Since 1990, the Molding Conference has been the gathering point for thought leaders in injection molding to discuss where the technology is and where it’s headed. From March 17-19 at the Westin Chicago in Lombard, Ill. (25 minutes west of O’Hare), those thought leaders will once again gather, and we’re currently seeking experts to join their ranks and present (you can submit a paper proposal).

At bottom, you can see our proposed General Session, Breakout, Keynote and Panel Topics. Do you have something to say about any of these topics? We are looking for real-world examples of how technologies—both new and existing—can be applied to improve a molder’s output. We are seeking knowledgeable speakers to give in-depth presentations on common issues molders face and how they can be solved.

What we don’t want:

On-stage review of a product brochure.

Surveys of past Molding attendees consistently indicate a desire for non-commercial presentations and when we review paper submissions we will be weeding out sales pitches.

Of note, this year in addition to seeking non-commercial best-practices oriented presentations on the various topics, we are looking to include a maintenance presentation in each session germane to that session’s area of focus. In addition to new technologies, our attendees are interested in keeping their existing equipment up and running.

General Session Topics

Our general session presentations will offer a non-commercial high-level focus on best practices on key areas of injection molding:

  • Materials from a Molder’s Perspective (selection, preparation, testing, design for manufacture)
  • Robots & Automation
  • Tooling & Cooling

Breakout Sessions

  • LSR Molding (metering, tooling, machinery & materials for LSR molding)
  • Lightweighting Technologies (foams; gas/water assist; composites)
  • Medical, Packaging & Precision Molding (key trends in materials and equipment)
  • Green or Sustainable Molding (use of scrap, bioplastics and energy efficient tech)
  • Automotive & Durable Goods Molding (key trends in materials and equipment)
  • Are You Ready for Digital Manufacturing (predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, equipment connectivity)

Keynote and Panel Topics

  • Workforce Development
  • The Purpose of Automation—Knowing Whether & How to Add Robotics
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Fix-It Advice to Problems Submitted by Molders Prior to the Event

Submit your paper for review today and join us in Chicago next spring to mark 30 years of Molding!