1/25/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Call for Papers: Extrusion 2018

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Follow these instructions to submit a title and abstract for the Extrusion 2018 Conference.

It’s that time again.

Plastics Technology is bringing the world of extrusion to a new location in Cleveland at The Extrusion 2018 Conference, Sept. 18-20. During this three-day event, business owners, plant managers, process engineers and manufacturing personnel will be brought up to speed on technology developments impacting all types of extrusion operations.

Each day will consist of a General Session that will be of interest to all extrusion processors, as well as an afternoon of concurrent sessions that will drill down into specific processes: Film, Sheet, Compounding, and Pipe/Profile/Tubing. The Conference is an annual event that has grown each year since it was launched in 2015. Last year’s conference attracted more than 400 attendees.

To submit an abstract, please send a paper title and an abstract of 200 words or fewer to Jim Callari, Technical Program Director, at jcallari@ptonline.com. Please include the company name, the speaker’s name and contact information, and a tentative title and sub-titles for the presentation. You may also submit your title and abstract on the conference website by clicking here.

The deadline for submission of your paper title and abstract is Feb. 16, 2018.

Please direct any questions to Jim Callari at the email above or by calling (513) 766-5856.

Sponsorships and tabletop exhibits are also available. Please contact Michelle Crider at (513) 527-8800; mcrider@gardnerweb.com.com.


  • Don’t Wind Wrinkles Into Your Film

    Wrinkles are a major cause of defects in extrusion winding and converting, especially with thinner films, which are much more wrinkle-prone than thick ones. The cause of most wrinkles is located close to the roller where the wrinkle first appears and can be identified by looking at the orientation and pattern of the wrinkle. First, find the cause; then try to eliminate or at least reduce it.

  • Slip Agents: Extended Performance Range for Polyolefin Films

    Newer specialty slip masterbatches go beyond traditional capabilities to provide greater thermal stability, reliability, and ability to hold COF steady during laminating.

  • Stop Those Gels!

    Gels are an unsightly but common problem in single-screw extrusion.