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3/5/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Can Foam Add Fizz to Your Molding Profits?

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New improvements to Trexel’s MuCell foam injection molding process add fast-cycle capabilities, novel inspection technology, and lower upfront investment.

If you haven’t considered it yet; have considered it but not jumped into the pool; or if you dove in but wished the pool was larger and deeper—then these latest advances will make quite a splash. In the Tuesday afternoon session on Medical, Packaging & Precision Molding at the Molding 2019 Conference (March 19-21) in Indianapolis, Leo Devellian of Trexel will present at least four new capabilities for the company’s MuCell microcellular foam molding process.

 •  New P-Series nitrogen metering equipment now, for the first time, suits this process to fast-cycle molding of thin-wall packaging. (Read more about it here.)

 •  Reduce implementation costs with a new satellite gas-dosing unit that allows multiple presses to run the same part(s) with MuCell foaming off a single gas booster unit.

 •  Ground-breaking TrexelVision inspection technology lets you literally see inside parts by means of noncontact, nonhazardous, electromagnetic waves in a frequency range between microwaves and infrared light. It’s fast, so you can perform immediate shop-floor QC (even automate it) without sending parts to the lab. Make dimensional checks and also look inside parts for voids, cell structure, foreign bodies, glass content and glass orientation, in as little as 30 sec. (Read more here.)

 •  Brand-new! Be the first to learn about new screw-tip dosing technology—a major improvement in plasticating units for MuCell.

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