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Coping with Coronavirus: Keeping the Doors Open

Where state or local governments are permitting, some molders are continuing to serve their customers.


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While some plastics molders—such as those in California and New York—are facing state-mandated shutdowns to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, others are finding ways to pursue business almost as usual.


Apex Plastics is taking precautions but is keeping its blow molding machines running.


Apex Plastics is taking precautions but is keeping its blow molding machines running.


For example, Damon Neff, president of Apex Plastics, a custom and proprietary blow molder in Brookfield, Mo., sent out an encouraging message on March 20:

“We would like to reassure you that Apex Plastics is planning to maintain company operations without disruption. The raw materials used in our products are USA based; as of today, we have not heard of any disruption in the supply chain.”

He noted that his company is taking precautions, however:

 •  Restricting non-essential travel;

 •  Limiting visitors allowed on-site;

 •  Identifying remote-working opportunities for employees;

 •  Educating employees on measures that will help to minimize the spread of the virus.

“Our plant is still running, and all here at Apex Plastics are working diligently to provide yo with the same great service and quality to expect.”


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