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Coping with Coronavirus: Waiting for Machinery Deliveries?

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Probably best to keep in touch with your vendor to learn how it's dealing with the crisis.

Equipment supply chains may become one more casualty of the COVID-19 virus. Case in point: I just got an email notice of “Prevention and Security measures” from Kurt Manigatter, CEO of Elmet Elastomere, a leading Austrian builder of LSR metering/pumping systems and tooling.

Elmet Elastomere is closing temporarily as a safety precaution.

Elmet Elastomere is closing temporarily as a safety precaution.


Manigatter said his company is going into “emergency operation” for two weeks (through March 27), during which its plant will be closed. He said, “We will do everything we can to meet the agreed delivery dates, but we must point out in advance that there may be delays because of the unreal situation.”

In the interim, he noted that sales people may be contacted and that support is available at dosing-system@elmet.com.

Manigatter added that “there is currently no suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus disease in our company. These tasks serve only to protect our employees and their families.”

If you’re expecting a machinery delivery from any of your vendors, you might want to get an update.


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