Cut Costs on Resin Materials and Equipment with Wave Conveying

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Discover how Wave Conveying technology gently moves resins, cutting costs by extending equipment life and reducing material damage. 


High-speed resin conveying can cause lasting damage to equipment and sensitive materials. Angel hair, snake skins and dust are only a few examples of the damage left behind.

Softer resins moving at high speeds are at risk of getting damaged; but slowing down the conveyor can impact material handling efficiency. Abrasive materials can cause lasting damage on your equipment and the costs go up for auxiliary add-ons like traps, dust filters and special elbows. Not to mention costs associated with the time spent cleaning and unclogging your equipment just to keep the material flowing.

Cutting costs on resin conveying comes down to finding the right balance of speed and control to optimize pneumatic material handling systems. Available from Conair, Wave Conveying technology enables control of conveying speed to accommodate your material handling requirements...READ MORE.