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1/21/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Dow and Avangard to Bring PCR-Based Products to North American Customers

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Dow and Avangard talk to Plastics Technology about this exclusive agreement that enables Dow’s first PCR-based products in North America.


pcr pellets

Dow to combine its virgin polyethylene resins with Avangard Innovative’s pellets made from post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic film.

2020 is already starting off with new technology and innovations to minimize waste in the environment. Dow Chemical is working with Houston-based waste-optimization specialist Avangard Innovative (AI) on producing Dow’s first post-consumer resin PCR-based products in North America. 

The companies expect to begin offering Dow’s first ever PCR-based products later this year to North American customers who are demanding stronger sustainability profiles in targeted applications such as liners, shrink wrap and protective packaging, among others. Dow will initially use the PCR from AI to create linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) products.

Julie Zaniewski, Director of Sustainability at Dow told Plastics Technology, that the companies anticipate to have the materials available later this year. 

“This is very significant and important for us,” she said. “There’s many recycling commitments out there and this provides a great vehicle to help meet those requirements. We see a huge value in plastics as a resource and it shouldn’t be wasted—our new business model around this is focused on an overall environmental perspective.”

We see a demand for the right quality of PCR in the marketplace and all these convertors and brand owners are really asking for it.

Delivering circular economy solutions is a key component of Dow’s sustainability strategy. By collaborating with AI, the two companies together are driving efforts that ensure the value of plastics is not lost after only one material use. The companies stressed the importance of partnerships and leveraging the expertise of both companies in order to move the circular economy forward. 

The exclusive agreement to supply Dow with PCR to combine with virgin resins and create new LLDPE and LDPE products follows AI’s announcement that it is expanding its film collection and sortation next year—facilitated by a second plant in Houston, and new plants in Nevada and Mexico. 

Jon Stephens, Chief Operating Officer at Avangard, said that what is driving the growth is the demand for customers and sustainability agreements already in play. 

“We see a demand for the right quality of PCR in the marketplace and all these convertors and brand owners are really asking for it,” he said.