4/10/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion 2017 Conference: Call for Papers

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By presenting at the conference you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the world of extrusion.

Plastics Technology Magazine is bringing the world of extrusion together in one place, at one time, once more, at The Extrusion 2017 Conference. During this unique two-and-a-half day event, business owners, plant managers, process engineers, and manufacturing personnel will all be brought up to speed on technology developments, best practices, tips and techniques, and troubleshooting impacting all types of extrusion operations. The event will take place Oct. 18-20 at the Le Méridien/Sheraton Charlotte, Charlotte, N.C.

The Extrusion 2017 Conference will be the third such event organized by Plastics Technology Magazine. Our first conference attracted more than 300 attendees, while last year’s conference had close to 400 registrants.

Here is a link with a few more details on the event.

The Extrusion 2017 Conference program will start the morning of Oct. 18 with presentations of interest to extrusion processors in general. These will include, but are not limited to, presentations on issues such as screw design; new materials and additives; high-speed extrusion; energy efficiency; changeovers; purging; controls; foaming; and important auxiliary equipment such as conveying, blending, filtration, melt pumps, size reduction, Industry 4.0, and much more. In the afternoon of Oct. 18, after lunch, we will have four concurrent breakout sessions that drill down to the specific process: Film; Sheet; Pipe/Profile/Tubing; and Compounding

The next day, Oct. 19, will follow the same format: a general session in the morning and breakouts after lunch. We’ll have a third General Session on the morning of Oct. 20, after which the conference will conclude.  

To submit a topic for consideration, click here to send me a paper title and an abstract of 100-200 words by April 23. Or you can email me directly at jcallari@ptonline.com. Please try to minimize any overly commercial topics. Attendees last year indicated a strong preference to learn ways to maximize their existing assets and improve efficiencies, and by presenting you can establish yourself as a thought leader to help them to do just that.



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