8/15/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Extrusion 2019 Conference: The Extrusion Solution Institution

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Early-bird discount to register for the conference where the extrusion industry comes to learn expires next week.

The Extrusion 2019 Conference will take place Sept. 17-19 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. It is the only conference of its type: sessions devoted to general extrusion—issues that pertain to all extrusion processors regardless of what comes out of their die—coupled with breakout sessions on specific kinds of extrusion: Film, Sheet, Pipe/Profile/Tubing and Compounding.

And the clock is ticking fast on the early-bird discount. If you register before August 16 you can take advantage of the early-bird discount and save $150 off the full conference registration fee. Click here for registration and pricing information.

In a previous blog I have told you about our sessions devoted to General Extrusion Topics. I define these as topics that apply across the board in extrusion, regardless of the finished or semi-finished product that you are extruding. In another blog I wrote about the topics that will be covered in the Film breakout session. Then I honed in our Sheet program. Now let’s focus in on our sessions on Pipe/Profile/Tubing.

Extrusion 2019 Conference: Focus on Pipe/Profile/Tubing

What will you learn in the Pipe/Profile/Tubing sessions that you won’t learn anywhere else? For starters:

  • The Latest Tools for Efficient and Optimized Profile Die Development
  • Enhancements to Downstream Extrusion Water and Vacuum Tanks to Facilitate a Higher Level of Precision and Repeatability
  • Virtual Pressure Measurement: Analysis and Performance
  • How Control Systems for Electrical Motors Compare
  • The Latest Advancement in Dimensional Measurement and Control for Tube, Pipe, and Profile Extrusions
  • Screw Design Concept and PVC Flow Behaviors in a Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
  • State of Technology in Profile Extrusion
  • A Die Designer’s Guide for Utilization of Land Length for Process Optimization
  • Versatile Single Screw Extrusion System for Typical Thermoplastic Resins
  • The Importance of Controlling Belt Gap When Processing Precision Micro-Bore Medical Tubing
  • Accurate Prediction of Cooling, Shrinkage, and Distortion of Extrudate Profile in Calibrator and Post-Calibrator Regions
  • What Affects Cut Lengths?
  • Where’s My Weight? Maximizing Material Savings Through Precision Measurement
  • Are You Leaving Profit on the Shop Floor?


Extrusion 2019 Conference: Focus on Pipe/Profile/Tubing

And like all of our previous events, you’ll have plenty of time to network and exchange ideas with the 80+ exhibitors who will be at the event displaying their wares and know-how.

Click here to download the agenda in a PDF.

Our conference has grown by every measurable standard since it was launched in 2015. Why? Because it provides attendees with a first-of-its-kind opportunity. The photos that appear with this Blog were taken at last year’s Conference, which was held in Cleveland. Ask yourself: What did these attendees learn at this event that they put into practice to make their operations more competitive.

Extrusion 2019 Conference: Focus on Pipe/Profile/Tubing

The Extrusion 2019 Conference. Where the Industry Comes to Learn. The Extrusion Solution Institution. I hope to see you there. Can you afford not to learn?