Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Facing a Wave of Data? Grab a Paddle

Plastics Technology’s Top Shops injection molding benchmarking survey empowers its takers to the command the current of data buffeting their businesses.


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These days with watches that tell you how much—and how well—you sleep; cars that calculate fuel economy in real time and phones that break down just how online you are, it can be pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by data. All this information is supposed to make us smarter but at times it can have the opposite effect.

The data deluge extends to the shop floor where most machinery gives users the option to collect production information down to the cycle. Forward-thinking shops gather, interpret and act on that data. Plastics Technology’s Top Shops injection molding benchmarking survey allows its users to gather, interpret and act on not only their own production data but that of their peers.

It’s one thing to have a handle on your factory’s output down to the pellet, but what if you could see how that output compares to molders you compete with for new business? Now in its second year, the Top Shops survey does just that, with every anonymous user receiving a customized report showing how their performance in injection molding’s most important metrics compares to the other takers of the survey.

In addition, the highest performing molders in the survey are recognized in an article breaking down that year’s results. Bragging rights, and a clearer window into what world-class injection molding looks like, are on the line.

Take the survey today and instead of succumbing to the data wave, conquer it!