9/22/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

First License Agreement for Advanced PE Production Technology Signed

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The Norner Trimodal Technology enables a higher comonomer content in the highest molecular weight.

Norway’s Norner, an independent plastics institute with over 38 years of experience, has signed the first licensing agreement for its patented “breakthrough” polyethylene (PE) production technology. The concept of the Norner Trimodal Technology (NTT) is based on a system of three polymerization reactors where a fraction of a third high-molecular-weight polymer is introduced in a small third reactor-containing comonomer. This reportedly enables a cost-efficient upgrading of existing bimodal plants via the addition of a third reactor.

Technology creates trimodal materials with a higher comonomer content in the highest molecular weight, boosting material performance.

According to research director Morten Lundquist, Norner’s polymer experts used their deep know-how in combination with their advanced polymerization lab to develop the three-reactor concept. This is a “smarter way” of producing trimodal materials since it enables a higher comonomer content in the highest molecular weight which boosts the performance of the materials.

The technology is very well suited for applications such as pipe (read more about how the technology could extend PP pipe service life), blow molding and films. Key material and application benefits are said to include improved pressure and stress-crack resistance, better impact resistance, as well as excellent processability.

Said Norner CEO Tine Rovik, referring to this first license for which the licensee was not disclosed, “The agreement has a value for Norner of multimillion U.S. dollars for the first factory and is a step stone for us to enable investments in people and assets to be in the position as a global market leader of industrial R&D services in polymers.”


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