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Full Agenda for Molding 2020 Is Now Live

The complete agenda for Molding 2020 is now online—57 speakers, nine different tracks and three-and-a-half days to gain insights from injection molding’s intelligentsia.


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In a little over 100 days, the injection molding community will gather for Molding 2020 in Chicago, marking the 30th anniversary of this preeminent plastics molding event. In the coming weeks, watch this space for detailed break downs of the various sessions, topics and speakers.

The agenda as assembled will give an injection molding oriented overview, including insights into the newest technologies, as well as establishing best practices for existing technologies. Our speakers hail from every link of the molding supply chain, ranging from molders and moldmakers to suppliers of machinery, auxiliary equipment, software and robotics and more to respected consultants.

Taking place from March 17-19 at the Westin Lombard, 18 miles south west of O’Hare, Molding’s days will be split between a morning general session with topics applicable to all and afternoon breakouts for deeper dives into specific technologies and markets.

For 2020, our General Sessions include:

  • Green Molding Is Here
  • Are You Ready for Digital Manufacturing
  • Tooling & Cooling

Breakouts will include:

  • Robotics and Automation
  • Optimizing Quality & Productivity
  • LSR Molding
  • Automotive & Durable Goods
  • Tooling, Cooling & Blending
  • Medical, Packaging & Precision Molding

Learn more about our speakers and peruse the full agenda today.


Molding 2020’s agenda is now live at the Molding conference website, check it out today.



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