Gardner Business Media Launches Independent Spanish-Language Plastics Publication in Mexico

Reshoring is the manufacturing buzzword du jour in the U.S., but the more accurate term is “near shoring”, which takes into account the massive amount of manufacturing returning to/starting up in Mexico.


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Gardner Business Media Inc., publisher of Plastics Technology, has closely tracked this trend and capitalized on it last year, with the launch of Modern Machine Shop MEXICO, the independent Spanish language extension of PT’s sister publication: Modern Machine Shop.


Starting in January 2016, Gardner will extend its reach into the booming Mexican plastics processing sector with Plastics Technology MEXICO, an independent Spanish-language print magazine and integrated media platform. As stated in a release by Gardner President Rick Kline, Sr.:


Mexico has a strong and growing manufacturing base and is a key member of NAFTA. Because of its strength and its location, Mexico is also a gateway to key markets to the south and a vital supplier to those in the north. Mexico is a natural area of interest to us. Plastics Technology MEXICO will offer insights into both mainstream and advanced manufacturing technology in plastics processing.


The inaugural issue will ship in January 2016, with the print publication to run nine times annually. Rick Kline, Jr., Group Publisher of Gardner Business Media’s Plastics and Composites Group will lead the Plastics Technology MEXICO team. Maria Natalia Ortega, formerly of Tecnología del Plástico has been named as Editor-In-Chief, and Claude Mas of MoldMaking Technology and Modern Machine Shop MEXICO, will serve as publisher.


Plastics Technology MEXICO will be delivered to a dedicated audience of selected production managers, engineers and manufacturing technicians engaged in the major manufacturing sectors of Mexico, including automotive, aerospace and medical.

(Pictured below is the very busy booth of Wittmann Battenfeld at Mexico's largest plastics show, Plastimagen. Mexico is the third largest market for the supplier of molding machines, robots and auxiliaries, trailing only Germany and the U.S.)