Get Better Control of Your LSR Molding

Better control of LSR mixing/dosing and cold-runner valve-gate injection, as well as improved mold-design capabilities are highlighted at Molding 2019 Conference.


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New technology for tighter control of cold-runner injection of multicavity LSR parts, and for optimizing LSR process control at the mold-design stage are two of five presentations on liquid silicone molding at the upcoming Molding 2109 Conference in Indianapolis March 19-21. Leading off the Wednesday afternoon LSR session will be Gabriel Geyne of Sigmasoft Virtual Molding, with exciting news of enhanced mold-filling simulation that performs automated Design of Experiments (DOE) many times faster than possible with a human operator. Autonomous Optimization software can perform thousands of experiments without human intervention. What’s more, the software focuses the experiments toward achieving goals set by the operator, performing only those runs that help zero in on an optimized result. (Read more here.)

Though equally suited to thermoplastic injection molding, this presentation will examine a challenging LSR application that was demonstrated at Fakuma 2018 in Germany. By performing more than 60 different simulations, the software identified the optimal filling time, gate positions, and position, length and temperature of electric heaters in the mold (more details here).

There’s more news in a presentation by Steven Broadbent of newly established ACH Solution USA, presenting the ACH Servoshot technology for electrically adjusting the pin-opening position of each individual valve gate in a cold-runner mold. This enables tailoring flow through each gate to balance the mold. (You may have seen it at NPE2018; read more here).

In addition, Bob Pelletier of Elmet will discuss “New Developments in LSR Metering Systems,” including Industry 4.0 compliant dosing equipment allows molders to store and track production data.

And there’s more:

 •  Adam Schaal of Roembke Mfg. & Design: “Building a Turnkey LSR Molding Cell from Prototype to Full-Scale Production.”

 •  Kent Royer of Milacron: “Technology to Improve OEE, Repeatability & Profitability in LSR Molding”

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