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11/17/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Get Ready For Carbon Fiber 2015

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There will be plenty of discussion of carbon fiber reinforced plastics during Carbon Fiber 2015, a conference hosted by our sister publication, CompositesWorld.


There will be plenty of discussion of carbon fiber reinforced plastics during Carbon Fiber 2015, a conference hosted by our sister publication, CompositesWorld. The conference is dedicated to understanding the properties, benefits and applications of carbon fiber. In addition, during the conference, there will be tours of the Manufacturing Development Facility at ORNL on both the morning and afternoon of December 8.


Here are some key presentations that will take place during the conference:  


  • The Future of Automotive Lightweighting: Building Case of 2025 and Beyond by Anthony Vicari, Research Associate at Lux Research. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) combine high strength and lightweight, making these materials attractive to many industries. However, due to high costs and other technical hurdles, thus far their use has been restricted to high-end niche applications. In order to forecast the near- and mid-term penetration of CFRPs into both major and emerging target industries, Lux Research built a detailed cost model based on current and near-term production technology, and an industry demand model based on the needs and adoption cycles of each application. They further analyzed key technological, market, and regulatory factors likely to affect the long-term growth of the carbon fiber market to create a road map to large-volume automotive applications in the 2020s.


  • Elium – A New Technology to Make Recyclable Structural Parts by Dana Swan, scientist with Arkema. Dana will discuss a room temperature liquid resin that reactively cures to generate a thermoplastic part. The final part is thermoformable, weldable and recyclable.


  • 777x Composite Wing: New Consumer of Composite Fiber Technology by Perry Moore, director, 777X Wing Operations, at the Boeing Co. This will be the first public discussion by Boeing about the carbon fiber composite wings being developed for the 777X. Unlike it does with the 787, Boeing is fabricating the 777X wings in-house in a purpose-built plant being erected in Everett, WA. The wings represent some of the largest carbon fiber composite structures ever fabricated.


Carbon Fiber 2015 takes place December 8-10 at the Knoxville Convention Center. Click here to register for the conference, and use code PTDEAL at check out for $150 off registration.


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