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10/26/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Haitian Shows New Models & Upgrades At Fakuma Show

Originally titled 'Haitian Shows New Models & Upgrades At Fakuma Show; More Coming in 2016'
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Faster and larger models arrive, and a new tiebarless line is on the way.

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A Jupiter II 650-tonner.


At the Fakuma 2015 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, a couple of weeks ago, Haitian of China and its Zhafir German subsidiary showed a number of new developments and previewed some of next year’s machine introductions.


 •  The Haitian Jupiter II Series of servohydraulic two-platen models (shown at NPE2015 in Orlando) is now available in “Jupiter II plus” versions with a redesigned clamp that offers 40% faster dry cycle (i.e., cut from 6.5 sec to 4.2 sec for a 450-metric-ton model) and eliminates lubricating cylinders around the tiebars. New linear guides replace tiebar guidance, and a digital, contact-free position-measurement system is said to provide rapid response and high-precision positioning.


 •  The Zhafir Venus II all-electric machine has been upsized from the previous limit of 550 m.t. to 650 m.t. (as seen at NPE), and a 1000-m.t. model is due next year.


Venus II 230-m.t.


 •  The new Zhafir Zeres all-electric line with integrated servohydraulics for nozzle touch, ejection, and core pulls was shown at NPE, has been extended beyond the original size range from 40 to 230 m.t. to 550 and 650 m.t., with larger models to come.


 •  In development is a new generation of Zhafir Mercury all-electric tiebarless models, which also will have integrated servohydraulics for secondary functions. The first prototypes of this German-designed ME-X line are being built in China.


Haitian and Zhafir machines are sold here by Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Mass.