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How Do You Evaluate, Research and Decide On Purchases for Your Business?

Survey seeks to determine how media and marketing inform the industrial buying process; add your voice. 


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Now in its fifth installment, Gardner Intelligence, the industrial market research firm of Plastics Technology’s publisher Gardner Business Media, is once again undertaking the Industrial Buying Influence Survey. Started in 2011, this survey analyzes how media and marketing impact the purchase process at discrete parts manufacturing facilities, and you can still add your insights to its findings.


The industrial buying cycle maintains unique and defined stages—discovery, research, evaluation and decision—despite the fact that today there is more information and more influences that impact how products and services are bought and sold.

This survey seeks to clarify the buyer/seller relationship and help inform industrial sales and marketing professionals how they can best align their strategy with the industrial buying cycle. 

Take it by this Friday, Nov. 8 and you’ll be entered into a drawing among this week’s participants to win a $500 gift card.

Take the survey.



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